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During all Keystone State Series events all competitors, crew members, and spectators must follow all CDC, local, state, and federal health guidelines.

Pre-Tech Checklist
• Overall maximum width 50”
• Overall maximum length 74”
• Overall maximum height 26”
• Seat height 8-12 years 10”, 12-15 years 12”, all others 14”. These are all minimum heights
• Side panels minimum 1” from seat
• Steering faring minimum 3” from steering wheel
• Steering faring maximum 10” width
• Bodywork minimum 6” from steering wheel
• All weights must be double nutted or pinned
• All steering wheel bolts must be safety wired
• Steering column must be safety wired or pinned
• Tie rod bolts must be pinned
• Muffler cannot protrude past rear bumper
• Bumper cannot be wider than tires
• Rear axle must have snap rings or bolted on both sides
• Front spindles must be pinned
• Body height 14” maximum
• Jr Sportsman I & II nose cone and body work maximum
12” high and no faring
• Seat cannot protrude past rear axle
• All weights must be painted white
• Arm restraints mandatory for all champ karts, Jr. and Sr. drivers
• Chest protectors mandatory for all Jr. Sportsman drivers
• Champ kart seats may be closer than 6” from the nerf bar, however the driver’s body must remain inside the roll cage. If a driver is asked to move their seat to ensure they are inside the roll cage the driver must do so.


This is only a help check list there are other items, so please read a 2021 WKA Tech-Manual.

Insurance (Pit Armband) PASS
Insurance Passes are $20.00 each
Insurance Passes for kids ages 3-5 $10.00 (Non Racers)
Insurance Passes for 2 years of age and under will be free
Anybody in your pit area without an insurance pass will result in a disqualification of all drivers pitted within that pit area for that Keystone Series Event. A $50 Fee will be required to enter any future events should this occur in your pits. This is for your protection, Hunterstown Kart Club, BAPS Motor Speedway, Selinsgrove Speedway, Selinsgrove Speedway and Red Rock Raceways.



Registration is available at the track or you may pre-register. You are encouraged to pre-register to avoid lines at the track and save $5 per class. You can pre-register at under the PRE-REGISTRATION tab. ALL pre-entries must be received by midnight on Thursday the week of the event. All checks should be made payable to Northeast Motorsports Expo. You may pre-register online and pay at the track the day of the event.

Pro Classes: In order to run a Pro class, you must enter a points class for each Pro class you wish enter. For example, if you enter 3 different Pro classes you need to enter 3 points classes.

RACEceivers are MANDATORY for all Keystone State Series races any time you are on the race track. RACEceivers can be purchased for $100 and ear buds can be purchased for $5. If you do not wish to purchase your own RACEceiver you may rent
one the day of the event for $15 per driver but you supply your own ear buds. In order to rent a RACEceiver at the track you must submit your Driver’s License which will be given back when you return the RACEceiver at the end of the day. There will be a $100 fee if you break the rental radio. We will use frequency 454.00. You must wear your RACEceiver everytime you are on the track.
If you are caught without your RACEceiver after qualifying you will start last in the feature. If you are caught without your RACEceiver after the feature you will receive last place points for that race.

Weather Policy
If by noon on Friday, the day before the event, there is a 70% chance or higher of rain according to Weather Underground ( for Gettysburg, PA (races at Hunterstown), Selinsgrove, PA (races at Selinsgrove Speedway), Claysburg, PA (races at Red Rock), or York Haven, PA (race at BAPS) the event will be cancelled. We will make up the race on the next available rain date which is listed on page 1. If there is less than 70% chance of rain, the race will be held as scheduled. We will only be basing our decision on Weather Underground for the cities listed above for their respective track.

Burris 33’s and/or 55’s in all classes with the exception of the Yamaha classes which is open tire. Please see the class listing for which classes are 33’s only and which allow 33’s or 55’s. There is no date code rule for any class in 2021.

WKA rules per the 2021 WKA Technical Manual will apply except as detailed hereafter. Tech rules for clones will follow NKA and AKRA rulebook (engine tech only). The Tillotson reinforced clone block (or other reinforced blocks like it) are permitted. Likewise, the Tillotson PK-1B clone carburetors are NOT permitted. All KSS rules will supersede WKA rulebook.


Failure to read and understand the KSS rules: The KSS rulebook is available online @ Failure by any competitor or any crew member to read and understand the rulebook will not exempt anyone from adherence to these
rules! Subsequently, penalties will not be revoked.


ONLY KSS 2021 SPONSORS ARE ALLOWED TO VENDOR AT KSS EVENTS. NO OTHER VENDORS WILL BE ALLOWED FOR ANY REASON. This includes karts, parts, tires, tire preps, tire cutting services, food, novelties, t-shirts, and photos for sale.

NOTE: Scott Barker is the official photographer of the Keystone State Series. Other professional photographers will be allowed to take photos at any Keystone State Series event with the written permission of Ron Pritt.

1. The Keystone State Series retains all governing rights.

2. Eligibility: To run one of the Senior Pro classes you must be at least 15 years of age. If you are 14 years of age and want to run in the Senior Pro classes, you will be considered ONLY at the board’s discretion, and their decision is final for the
entire 2021 KSS season. You must have run 4 out of the 6 races to receive year-end awards. In order to enter race #6 in any of point classes you must have been entered in at least 2 of the first 5 events for that class. Every driver
participating in the Pro classes MUST enter a points class for each Pro class entered. The only exception is at the last race; if a driver is only eligible to run the Pro races because they did not participate in 2 of the first 5 events, they will not be eligible for the points classes that day. If you fall into this category at Race #6, the cost to enter the Pro races will be $20 more per Pro class.


3. Reserved Parking: Reserved parking is $25.00 per event or $200 for the entire year. If you have a reserved parking spot it will be held until 8am race day morning unless prior arrangements have been made. If you experience difficulty traveling to the track, please call Ron Pritt at 717-465-0055 and arrangements will be made to hold your spot. When you arrive you will be taken to your reserved spot. If you don’t have a reserved spot you will be put into one of the non-reserved spaces. Should you want to purchase any open reserved pit spot(s), you may do so on a first come, first paid basis.

4. Class Entry Fees:

 POINTS CLASSES= $50.00 | $$ CLASSES= $60.00

*For the race at BAPS Motor Speedway all classes, points & pro, will be $10 more per class to cover the additional fee BAPS is charging the Keystone State Series to run there*

5. Conduct: Drivers at all times will be responsible for the conduct of their pit crews. Any verbal or physical abuse by a competitor or crew member towards KSS’s staff, officials, or participants may result in immediate suspension until a
hearing before the board. Profanity will not be tolerated. Any actions, including those mentioned above, that are deemed unsportsmanlike conduct will result in the driver being disqualified from ALL races entered that day and will be given a
zero for all those classes. Any zeros given for unsportsmanlike conduct cannot be dropped! Unsportsmanlike conduct calls are at the discretion of the Race Director and are NOT protest-able.

6. Alcoholic Beverages: NO alcoholic beverages are allowed to be consumed at any KSS sanctioned event from the beginning of warm-ups until the end of features.

7. Appearance: All drivers must wear long ankle-length pants. Pants must be free of excessive tears, rips, or holes. No sweatpants are allowed. Please refer to additional Personal Safety Attire Rules per the WKA Rule Book.

8. Intent to Defraud: Any competitor, who would falsify his or her age or modify their kart or engine with the intent to compete illegally, or defraud officials by such modifications or actions, will result in the loss of points and awards for that
event and be subject to suspension upon review of all evidence by the KSS officials. The KSS reserves the right to impound any illegal parts for further review. This race cannot be dropped. Remember that this is your series, if you are aware of a “problem” we need to be informed at that time and not a week later.


9. Age Determination: Proof of age is required for all classes. Proof would include a driver’s license or birth certificate and MUST be presented to the KSS staff at the first race of the season. If you are caught providing a false birth certificate or
driver’s license you will be banned for the remainder of the year. Your age on December 25th, 2020 will be your competition age for the entire 2021 season.

10. Graphics and Number Panels: Each entry shall have 4 legible numbers on the kart at all times during the event. Numbers are limited to 3 digits. Letters will be allowed with numbers. Number must be contrasting from background and legible
to score keeper. All numbers on side panels and nose cones MUST be at least 6” high. Rear number panels must be either a white panel with black numbers or a black panel with white numbers. If you are asked to improve the visibility of
your number or add a number panel, you must do so before the next time your kart enters the track. If your kart enters the track without the proper changes it will not be scored. Your kart may also be disqualified from the event at the Race
Director’s discretion. This cannot be protested.

11. Change of Engine or Kart after Qualification: You must notify the technical inspector and get his approval. You will need to give the engine to the technical inspector to hold for possible later inspection. Whether you changed your engine
or kart, you will start in the rear of the feature no matter where you qualified. If you are caught with a different engine or kart after your feature than you qualified, you will be DQ’d for the day and it will be a non-droppable race.

12. Inspection Procedures: All karts and helmets are subject to pre-tech inspection and must have a practice sticker to participate in practice. Wire seals will be provided to you and will be crimped at time trials. Karts are subject to technical
inspection at any time. The number of karts subject to post race inspection will be determined before the features. All karts that are subject to post race inspection must go to the tech-area immediately after crossing the scales. Any person not
willing to prepare his kart components for inspection will be disqualified from the event and subject to suspension. Only the driver or one crew member allowed in the impound area. The person in the technical inspection area must be capable
of performing procedures required by the technical inspectors. Excessive delays in performing required technical procedures will be grounds for disqualification. Drivers will have 10 minutes from the time they are requested to perform their
inspection to begin disassembly of their engine, unless arrangements have been made with the technical inspectors. The driver or crew member must supply their own tools for disassembly of their engine. If an engine or part is declared illegal,
upon removal out of the technical inspection area, it will not be rechecked or accepted for impound. Bring only tools required for removing tech items. ONLY SMALL TOOLBOXES WILL BE PERMITTED IN THE TECH AREA.

13. Tech Procedures: In the event that you finish in the top five of your class the following procedures must be followed. All entries must weigh in and go directly to the technical inspection area. If you are to run in another class, contact a technical inspector for directions. You kart is to remain in the technical inspection area until all karts in your class have been cleared.

14. Qualifying Format: Qualifying will be 4 laps (Green/Green/White/Checkered) time trials with the top 16 transferring directly to the main event. At BAPS Motor Speedway qualifying will be 3 laps (Green/White/Checkered). Non qualifiers will
run a 10 lap (or 10 minute time limit) consi race with the top 4 transferring to the main event. Consis will be run directly before the A-main. The top 4 from the consi will stay on the race track and will tag on to the rear of the top 16 qualifiers
from time trials.

15. Race Format: All points class A-main features will be 15 laps (with a 15 minute time limit), and all Pro classes will be 20 laps (with a 20 minute time limit). The KSS officials reserve the right to shorten races based on time restrictions. If the
race is shortened due to time the finish order will be determined by the last completed lap. The KSS reserves the right to limit the number of karts starting the feature due to safety concerns. In the event that less than 5 karts start the feature, the race will automatically be shortened to 12 laps (with a 12 minute time limit).


16. Time Limits: Time limits for all classes will start from the drop of the initial green flag. Time during red flag conditions will be excluded. Once the first kart hits the race track, all competitors have 2 minutes to get on to the track. If you fail to make it on the track in this time you will not be permitted to race.

17. Practice Policy: If you practice in a class that you are not registered for, you will lose your fastest qualifying lap time in ALL class(es) you are registered in. Under special circumstances you may get permission from the race director to practice
in an unregistered class.


18. Mandatory Drivers Meeting: All drivers are required to attend the drivers meeting. All junior drivers must have a parent or guardian present at the drivers meeting with the driver. Failure to do so will result in your fastest lap being deleted in time trials in ALL class(es) you are registered in.

19. KSS Pro Races Money System: In the Pro classes awards will be based on one for every three competitors. Competitors will receive awards after completion of post-race technical inspection.

20. Qualifying Rain-Out: Should qualifying rain out the feature will be lined up by pill draw for the first race in the series. After 1 race in the series is complete, features will be lined up based on points. Pro classes will be by pill draw all season long should qualifying rain out.


21. Rain Delay: If we do not start practice until noon then we will complete practice and at the Race Director’s discretion we may start features with high point drivers starting up front and so on. Anyone not having points will start in the rear behind
those who do have points by pill draw. The Pro classes will draw for all starting positions. If this occurs at the first race of the season, every class will draw for starting position. If there is a rain delay in the middle of the race day and the track needs to be run back in, every driver must participate in running in the track except for those drivers who are in the next 2 classes in the running order. This will be tracked by your transponder and failure to participate in track run in will result in starting last in all of your remaining features that day.

22. Points: Points will be awarded as per the scale listed below:

KSS_Points Structure.png

22a: Pole Position: Pole position will be awarded 5 bonus points in all classes.

23. KSS Bonus Points: Best 5 out of 6 races count for year end points. Any racer registering in all 6 races will be awarded 100 bonus points at the end of the season. Each competitor will be allowed to pre-register and pay for a race and miss that race yet still receive their bonus points, ONCE per season. In the event that all 6 races are not completed, year end points will be based on the total number of races completed with 1 drop (for example: best 3 races out of 4 or best 4 races out of 5).


23a: NOTE: You may only pay for a race and miss that race and receive bonus points OR use a driver substitution for an event once in a given season. You may not do both in the same season.

24a: Driver Substitutions: In the event of a medical situation (accompanied with a note from a doctor), immediate family emergency, or school function (accompanied with a note from student’s teacher or faculty member), you will be allowed to register a age appropriate substitute driver to race and collect points for you. You may only use a substitute driver at 1 event each year.

24b: Relief Drivers: If a relief driver is needed for ANY reason during a race day the relief driver will have to start at the rear of the field for any class that the original driver qualified for. If original driver has not qualified, the relief driver may qualify and start in their qualified position. Once a relief driver takes over for the original driver, the relief driver must finish out the day in all classes entered by the original driver, points and $$ classes


25. Suspension or Disqualification: Failure to obey KSS rules may be grounds for disqualification or suspension. For all on track infractions and disqualifications the driver will be notified, and in the junior classes the Race Director or a track official will notify a parent, at the scales. Any discussions regarding this will be with the Race Director ONLY. If disqualification occurs in tech you will be notified before you leave the tech area. If a protest has to go before the Board of the Keystone State Series, it will be done by the end of the race day.

26. Protest Procedure: All protests should be made to the scale personnel verbally and then to the KSS trailer personnel. Both the protester’s kart and the protestee’s kart shall go directly to tech area for impound. A Protest Form must be picked up at the KSS trailer window and must be completed in full within fifteen (15) minutes of the conclusion of the last feature event of the day. The protest fee for chassis and bodywork will be $50.00 non-refundable. The protest fee for motors will be $100.00 and $50.00 refundable if competitor is found illegal. In both instances the protester’s kart or motor must be checked first. If
they are found to be illegal the protest is over and no money is refunded. Karts and motors are the only items that are protest-able, calls made by race officials on the race track are not.


27. Pit Buggies: Pit buggies will not be allowed within 25 feet of the grid area. Competitors will be permitted to unload and immediately remove their pit buggy from the grid area. Any buggies left for any duration may be impounded and will be returned at the end of the race day. Competitors in offense of this rule may be disqualified.

28. Transponders: Failure to have your transponder on for time trials OR feature will cause you to start in the rear of the field. If this occurs in the feature a transponder will be retrieved by an official and placed on the kart. IT IS THE DRIVER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO GET THEIR OWN TRANSPONDER. Transponders shall be placed on the steering shaft. Transponder bags will be for sale at the registration table. If you do not have your transponder in the correct location, you will not be allowed to enter the track. If this is not found out until the driver reaches the scales, the driver will be scored with last place position (is droppable). If your transponder comes off your kart and becomes broken because you did not have it attached correctly to your kart the replacement or repair cost for the transponder will be at the driver’s expense. An example of how the transponder should be placed on the kart will be posted by the sign-in shed. Any driver who loses their transponder, or breaks their transponder, not related to an accident on the track will be responsible for replacing it at a cost of $300. Payment for this must be made before the competitor can compete at the next event.


29. Restrictor Plate Classes: Entrants will be responsible to supply their own restrictor plates as needed. Restrictor plates will, as usual, be subject to post qualifying and/or post feature inspection. If you would like to have your restrictor plate checked when you get to the track you may have it checked by the tech official, however, you will need to do this before qualifying begins.

30. Restart Motor: You will be given 1 chance to restart your motor, after the initial green flag. If you require your motor to be restarted under the yellow flag you will get your position back. If you stall a 2nd time you will not be allowed to be restarted and must exit the track. Red flags are the exception to this rule. ANYONE THAT DOES NOT STOP IMMEDIATELY AND SHUT THEIR MOTOR OFF WHEN THE RED FLAG IS DISPLAYED WILL BE BLACK FLAGGED OFF THE TRACK.

31. Accidents: All karts that stop on the race track in an accident will go to the rear. If a competitor comes upon an accident and spins to avoid that accident, they will retain their position at the Race Director’s discretion. The initial incident causing the yellow will be observed. Example: If the yellow comes out for an incident in turn 1 and there is another incident in turn 4, the only drivers that would go to the rear would be those involved in turn 1. In the event of an “unsportsmanlike black flag,” the offender will be removed from the track, and it is at the Race Director’s discretion to return the recipient of any wrong doing to his original position at the time of the incident. Dive bombing and blocking will not be tolerated. Blocking is defined as changing your line to impede the progress of a faster kart PASSING you, including coming to the checkered flag. The race director has the discretion to make a judgement ruling on intentional wrecking during any point of the race, INCLUDING coming to the checkered flag. The race director has the discretion to penalize the offender and re-instate the offended to their original position.

32. 3 Spin Rule: Any kart causing 3 cautions in 1 race will be black flagged and given points for how they finished. If a driver intentionally spins out, he/she will be black flagged which will result in last place points for that race (droppable). Drivers who spin out on purpose or sit on the track to bring out the yellow flag will be disqualified from that race and will not be allowed to use it as a drop.


33. Scoring: When a yellow flag comes out, scoring will revert back to the last completed lap in which all karts crossed the start/finish line. See rule #31 for those that will restart in the rear.

34. White Flag/Checkered Caution: Once the leader crosses under the white flag, if the yellow comes out, the race is officially over. There are no one lap shootouts. Any driver that took the checkered flag before the yellow came out will be scored in the position they were in when they took the checkered flag. Everyone else will be scored in the position they were in on the last completed lap. Those involved in the yellow will be put to the rear (refer to rule #31 for clarification).

35. Initial Starts: All race starts will be single file. If there is an accident before there is 1 lap completed, all drivers will get their initial starting spot back. If anyone baits or purposely brings out a caution on a start or re-start, that driver will be subject to being black flagged off the track. This decision is at the Race Director’s discretion and is NOT protestable. This would constitute a zero for that race, but is droppable.

36. Starts and Restarts: All starts and restarts will be when the Head Flagman and/or the Corner Flagman throw the green flag. Use of pylons will be at the discretion of track officials. Any driver jumping on the initial start or restarts will penalized at least the number of spots jumped. This penalty will be enforced at the next yellow flag or at the end of the race. This decision is at the Race Director’s discretion and is NOT protestable.

37. Weighing: All karts MUST weigh after each race. Failure to do so will result in disqualification for that race and that driver will receive last place points. The ONLY exception to this rule is if the driver needs medical attention from an EMT. If medical attention is required, the driver will get points based on their scored finishing position.

38. Fuel & Oil: There is absolutely no dumping of oil or fuel on the ground. Disciplinary action and/or fines will result. There are used oil containers at the track for your oil disposal.

39. Fuel: Clone fuel can be purchased from any Sheetz gas station, 87 Octane only. If you would like to have your fuel tested when you get to the track you may have it checked by the tech official, however, you will need to do this before qualifying begins. We will be testing fuel at our discretion in the tech area after time trials and/or features.

40. Failed Tech Inspection: Any driver that fails a post-race inspection will lose their points for that race and any other race that motor/kart was used in that day. Any driver that fails a post-race tech inspection is subject to the same post-race tech
inspection at the conclusion of the next KSS race, regardless of where they finish in that race. If the driver fails tech again, the driver will lose his points and awards for all races in which he ran that day, with that motor/kart. If the driver
refuses tech, he will lose all points and awards for ALL CLASSES raced in that day.

41. Black Flag Situations: If you are black flagged for any reason, GET OFF THE TRACK IMMEDIATELY! If you are not off the track after 1 lap, you will lose your points for that race.

42. Working on Kart On-Track: Positively no stopping on the track to make adjustments at any time. If caught working on your kart at any time once you are on track, including red flags, you will be disqualified for the race. Working on your kart is defined as doing anything other than removing unsafe kart parts. Anyone deliberately not obeying track officials will be black flagged for the day and receive zero points which would not be droppable. The ONLY exception to this rule is each driver will be allowed one opportunity to put their chain back on. For champ kart competitors, do NOT unbuckle, a corner worker will attempt to fix your chain for you.

43. Pro Class Special Rules:
a) Any karts going a lap down or at risk of being put a lap down will be given the black with orange circle safety flag and are required to exit the track immediately.
b) Any driver being black flagged during any Pro class race for Unsportsmanlike Conduct will not be allowed to enter a Pro class at the next KSS event.

44. Medical: Anyone needing medical attention must notify the Race Director or any KSS staff member the day of the event. If you are unable to notify the proper personnel of your injury, please have a crew member do so. The medical insurance ceases when the driver returns to racing or by signing a waiver.

45. General Rules:
a) There is to be no profane language displayed anywhere on the kart or driver. This includes the kart, helmet, visor, jacket, or anything else visible on the race track. Failure to comply will result in that driver not being permitted on the track. Profane language WILL NOT be tolerated. If a board member or any track employee hears anyone using profane language you will be fined $50.00 which will go to the point fund for year-end distribution. This must be paid in full before an individual enter the track for the next race. A driver is responsible for anyone in their pit crew.
b) Fire extinguishers are mandatory in every pit area.
c) Mufflers are mandatory.
d) You must qualify with your class or start in the rear of the field.
e) The deliberate blocking of a faster kart is cause for disqualification and is at the Race Director’s discretion. (See rule #31 for clarification)
f) No one is permitted on the race track at any time without a race official’s permission. This is considered Unsportsmanlike Conduct and the driver who’s crew member entered the track will be given a non-droppable zero.
g) Unsportsmanlike driving penalties will be assessed by incident, and competitors will be immediately removed from the track. If the incident occurs on the last lap the driver will still be penalized for Unsportsmanlike Conduct and will be given a non-droppable zero.
h) There is NO driving through the pits. Those who do will face disciplinary action per rule #5.
i) All nitrogen bottles MUST be securely strapped and capped for safety purposes.


46. Points Champions: 2021 Points champions for all points classes will receive a leather jacket as well as other racing merchandise. If any points class has less than an average of 6 karts per race for the season, they will not be awarded a leather jacket by the KSS, however you will be given the option to purchase a championship leather jacket at your expense.

47. Banquet: The dress code for the banquet for all competitors is a shirt with a collar, suit jacket, or a nice sweater. No attire with holes, rips, or tears is permitted. You must be present to receive your year-end merchandise or the only thing you will receive is your plaque or trophy.

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